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Below are a list of services we provide:

Community Association:

              Neighborhood disputes between neighbor/neighbor, homeowners/Board, Board/management company and homeowners/staff. Disputes in mixed use projects between residential tenants and commercial tenants and disagreement of joint use of certain facilities for access, repair and service. Our experienced mediators offer personalized experience to clients who wish to avoid the expense and delay of traditional litigation. We can help repair damaged relationships among neighbors.


              Disputes between property owner/general contractor, general contractor/sub contractor and property owner/designer. We resolve conflict in a way that best fits your particular case.


              Disagreements and disputes between and among workers,supervisors, colleagues and managers erode job satisfaction and productivity. We bring professional facilitation and mediation skills to your business, workplace or profession.


              Disputes arising from conflicting interpretations of property/casualty, workers compensation, general liability, directors/officers coverage policies.

Divorce & Family:

              More people facing divorce are turning to mediation as a less stressful process that reduces costs, both personal and financial. The mediator helps people talk and listen to each other about what is important to them and what they each want for their children.


Let us Get Your Dispute on the Path to Resolution and Achieve a Win-Win Negotiation.


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